Bell Pepper Chutney

You should try this recipe for sure. I saw this recipe somewhere and tried and it was super tasty..All it takes is like 10min of your time!

2 bell pepper, cuts into 1 inch cubes
15 Red Chillies
5 garlic pods
2 tbsp tamarind, soaked in water
1/4 tbsp urad dal
1 tbsp greengram
10 curry leaves

1. In a pan, pour oil and when it is hot, add urad dal and green gram and fry till golden brown. To this add red chillies and garlic pods and fry for 2min
2. To this add bell pepper pieces and fry till they start changing color. Add soaked tamarind and cook for another 2min and switch off the heat
3. Once the mixture cools off, grind it to fine paste with enough salt.
4. In another pan, pour oil and when it is hot, add cumin seeds and curry leaves and fry till curry leaves are crisp. Add this mixture to chutney.

This chutney tastes very good and goes well with rice, roti, dosa and idly. What a multi-purpose dish..right? :)

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