Saravana Bhavan Style Kurma

All the Saravana Bhavan Thali lovers simply love the kurma they serve in the special thali. I am one among them :-) I always wondered how they made it. I tried to get the recipe from the folks working there but they wouldn't reveal. Finally I figured it out myself. The below recipe tastes exactly like SB Kurma. Enjoy Guys!!! :-)

Carrot - 1 - peel wash and cut into small pieces
Green peas - 1/4 cup
Fresh Corn - 3 tbsp
1 potato - peel, wash and cut into 1 inch cubes
French Beans - 4, wash and cut into 1 inch long pieces
Cauliflower - 1/4 cup
Tomato - 1, wash and cut into small pieces
1 small onion, cut into small pieces
2 Green chillies - slit length-wise
Ginger-garlic paste - 1 tbsp
1/2 tbsp poppy seeds
1/2 tbsp dry coconut flakes
10 cashews
Salt as per taste
1 tbsp red chilli powder
A pinch of turmeric
2 bay leaves
1 small cinnamon stick
2 cardamom
 2 cloves
1 tbsp coriander powder

  • In a microwave safe bowl, add all the cut vegetables and a cup of water and cook for just 5min and strain and keep aside
  • In a pan, add 2 tbsp oil and when it hot, add bay leaves, cinnamon stick, cardamom, cloves and fry for a min
  • Add onion and green chilli and fry till onion turn translucent
  • Add Ginger-garlic paste and fry till the raw smell of ginger vanishes
  • Now add tomato pieces, coriander powder, red chilli powder, salt, turmeric and mix well and cook till tomato pieces turn soft
  • Add vegetables and mix well, add 1/4 cup of  water and cook for another 5 min or till the veggies are soft
  • Meanwhile make a smooth paste of cashews, coconut and poppy seeds by adding water.
  • Add this paste to the vegetables and cook for 2 min and turn off the heat
  • Garnish with Chopped coriander

Goes very well with Poori, Roti and Idiyyappam.

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