Biyyam Pindi Vadiyalu/ Rice Flour Fritters

Now, this recipe makes me proud :-) I never thought I could do something like this in my life and that too in USA. Thanks to wonderful weather of California!
And I now realize that making vadiyams and pickles is not just Mom's forte :)) we too can try if we have the inclination :) Enjoy Folks!

Ingredients :
Rice flour : 1 cup
salt to taste
cumin seeds : 1 tsp
water : as per required


  1. First boil around 2.5 cups of water. Then add in the salt and cumin seeds.
  2. In another cup, add rice flour and mix it with water and make it into a thin batter.
  3. Now slowly add the rice batter into the boiling water and keep mixing in order to avoid lumps. 
  4. The batter thickens indicating that it is cooked well. Let it cool for about 5 minutes. 
  5. On top of a table cloth, make small patties out of this batter and sun dry till they are dried fully. It might take couple of days for this. Then store in air tight containers. These can be used for one year.

For eating heat oil in a pan and deep fry these sun dried patties . They turn out white and crispy. Can be had as an evening snack or along with rice and mudda pappu, sambhar or with any dal.

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