Mushroom pepper stir fry

This recipe is pretty simple and tastes great! when you are tired of making mushroom masala curry, you can try this recipe out. This works both as snack and a fry curry.

Brown Mushrooms - 1 pound, cut into slices
Red chilli powder - 1/2 spoon
Black pepper - 1/2 spoon, grind coarsely
Cumin seeds - 1/s spoon, grind coarsely
salt to taste

1. In a pan pour oil and once its medium hot, add mushroom pieces, salt and fry till the mushroom pieces are cooked. it hardly takes 8-10min. Mushrooms give out water, so fry well that the water is dried out
2. Add red chilli powder, crushed black pepper and cumin and fry for a minute.Very tasty mushroom stir-fry is ready.

We tried with rice and it was super tasty!

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