Mutton Biryani Andhra Style

2 cups Basmati rice
2 tbsp Ginger garlic paste
Few Curry leaves
1 bunc Pudina leaves
3 tbsp Ghee
Salt as per taste
1 pound or 1/2 kg Mutton
1 medium size tomato
1 small onion, cut into long thin slices
4 green chillies, slit length-wise
salt as per taste
3.5 cups of water

whole masala for biryani:
2 small Cinnamon sticks
3 Cloves
2 Bay leaves
1 tbsp Shahi jeera
1 big Onion
6 Green chillies

Ingredients for Mutton:
1/4 tbsp papaya powder (option)
1 tbsp ginger garlic paste
1 tbsp coriander powder
1/2 tbsp garam masala
1 tbsp salt

  • Wash Mutton thoroughly and sprinkle some dry papaya powder and keep aside for 5min. This softens the mutton and adds more taste to it
  • In a a pressure cooker, add mutton, 1 tbsp ginger-garlic paste, 1 tbsp coriander powder, 1/2 tbsp garam masala powder, 1 tbsp salt and mix well. Pressure cook this mixture until 5 vigils come out.
  • switch off the heat and wait till all the pressure goes out
  • Soak rice in some water for 30 min.
  • In a deep pan, add ghee and add all the whole masala ingredients and curry leaves and fry for 1 min
  • Add onions and slit green chillies and fry till onions are translucent
  • Now Add mint leaves, chopped coriander and fry for 1min
  • Add Ginger garlic paste and fry till a nice aroma comes out. Now add salt and tomato pieces and cook for 2 more min
  • Finally add cooked mutton pieces and fry for 5 min
  • Strain the soaked basmati rice and add to the pan. Mix well and fry for 5 more min
  • Now add 3.5 cups of water (1 rice : 2 cups of water but I add a little less water as less water is enough for basmati rice) and stir well. Add some chopped coriander and let it cook till the rice is done. You can transfer this mix to the electric cooker and let it cook.

Very tasty  Mutton Biryani is now ready to be served! Goes well without any side dishes. You can serve with Mutton curry or raitha!

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  1. This is not Andhra Biryani because in Andhra we dont use shah jeera. It is Hyderabadi style. Also, it is not Andhra taste to use tomatoes, though it is now corrupted with the use of tomatoes. The authentic Andhra biryani is not to be found anywhere, including in Vijayawada, the beat of Andhra!