Rava Laddu

Did your mom make this sweet for almost every festival and bored you so much so that you hated the sight of them? :-)  I know!! However when you grow up, you realize that all those boring recipes have turned into rather sweet memories! Here's again I'm revamping those memories for you...
 Suji/Semolina/Bombay Rava:  1 cup
1 cup dried scraped coconut
1 cup sugar/sugar powder
1 tbsp cardamom powder
2 tbsp cashew nuts
2 tbsp chironji
2 tbsp raisins/kismis
3 tbsp ghee
2 tbsp milk

In a pan, add ghee and when it is hot, fry cashew nuts till golden brown and drain and keep aside
Add chironji to the pan and fry till chironji turn golden brown. Drain and keep aside
Add raisins to the pan and fry till the raisins change color. Drain and keep aside
Add scraped coconut to the pan and fry till the coconut turns into light golden color. Take care not to burn it
Lastly add Rava to the pan and fry on low heat till the rava changes color and gives out an aroma.
Let all the ingredients cool.
Add all the fried ingredients into a bowl, add sugar  and cardamom powder to it and mix well. Add two tbsps of milk to the ingredients and mix well.
Take the mixture into your hand and make them into small balls as shown in the picture. Let them dry for 2 hrs before serving. Stays fresh for more than a week!

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