Edible Fire: Mango Avakaya Pickle

I know! I know! I am as shocked as you are..I never thought I would one day think of preparing this pickle...but I did and it feels great..I just had a hearty meal with it and I feel good about my culinary skills :) Here is the recipe, if you would like to try it out. I would have taken some pictures of the preparation if I knew it would turn out this well..may be, next time :)

Spices required to prepare the pickle:
3 tbsps Mustard Powder
1 tbsp Fenugreek Powder
1/4 tbsp Fenugreek Seeds
4 tbsps Red Chilli Powder
1 1/2 tbsp Salt-if required more salt can be added at a later stage
4-5 tbsp of Nuvvulu noone (Til or Sesame Seed Oil)

Mix chilli powder, mustard powder, fenugreek powder, seeds and salt.Take a wide vessel, add the above spice-mixture and the chopped mango pieces. Mix the mango pieces well with the spice-mixture and slowly add the oil and combine with the pieces till well coated. The mango pieces should be well coated and wet with the spice mixture and oil but not dripping with oil. Store it in a cool dry place for 48 hours ( I didn't touch or didn't mix it) and on the third day it is ready to use! Enjoy it with hot steamed rice, Ghee and Dal as I did just now :))
Store the pickle in a clean glass jar for future use!

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